Facility Consulting / COVID-19

Corona Virus (COVID 19) Facility Consulting Services

We provide Facility Consulting to Reduce Risk and navigate the needs of your employees and facility while dealing with the realities of the Corona Virus.

  • Preventative planning to reduce the risk of COVID-19 virus spread
  • What steps to take if someone in your facility tests positive or comes into contact with someone that is positive
  • Avoid costly facility shut downs if possible
  • Reduce costs associated with COVID-19 incidents
  • Cleaning/Disinfection plan
  • Be prepared using most current CDC & official information
  • We keep up with the latest official information, which is constantly changing so that you don’t have to
  • Access to a network of janitorial and chemical suppliers
  • Education on disinfectants and application practices
  • How to train and utilize existing staff for minor incidents relating to COVID-19, rather than costly outsourcing

We Can Provide:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Daily janitorial services
  • Day porters
  • Mid-day touch point facility disinfection
  • Crews to clean and disinfect your office prior to employees returning to work

We use Emist Electrostatic disinfecting equipment to disinfect facilities. This is the best way to disinfect for Covid 19 and other viruses as electrostatic disinfection applies a negative charge to the disinfectant to fully wrap around anything within the room.

Learn More About Applying Disinfectants Using Electrostatic Sprayers Here

Electrostatic Spraying